Parcel Ownership

The Ranch is a big place with one hundred and thirty-six, 100-acre parcels and over 1,000 current owners. It was designed as a special method of ownership from the start where all the members together have ownership of the beach and coastline.

Ownership of property on the Hollister Ranch has been set up differently from other areas along our coast. Because of the owners association CC&R’s, rules and the county of Santa Barbara zoning ordinances, the methods and ways of ownership on the Ranch are some what unique.

Each 100 acre parcel is allowed to have three separate families on the title. From the three separate families, each parcel can have 12 designated owners for access to the Ranch. The current zoning allows the development of a main residence, a guest house, an employee residence and agricultural buildings. Many families have joined together on a parcel to own and develop their parcels. One family may build the main residence, the others the guest house and the employee residence or out buildings like barns. Each family may have different needs and ideas on how they want to use the Ranch. One family may want to live there full time, which they are entitled to do with the permitted main residence. Another family would only be going there on a part-time basis so having a guest house, which is limited to 800 sq ft, and a limited kitchen could work well for them. Another family may want to do an agricultural project on the parcel and they could build a barn or an employee residence if the agricultural project qualifies with the county.

Partnership or Co-Tenancy Ownership

The ownership of many parcels has gone into the one-third undivided interest or partnership type of ownership. When there are three or more separate families owning a parcel together they usually own the parcel in a partnership method of title. Some are taking title together as co- tenants. The best way to share a parcel is to have partnership agreements or co-tenancy agreements which spell out each of the families ownership and use rights for their parcels and their responsibilities. These agreements have worked well over the years and are drawn up by experienced land use attorneys who specialize in this type of property ownership. The agreements allow for the three families to co-exist and own their parcel together.Since there is a maximum of 12 people from three separate families to have access on to the Ranch for each 100 acre parcel, each family can have four family member access slots from their one-third ownership of the parcel. Sharing the expenses of the association dues, development costs and a large 100 acre parcel usually works well for what many people are looking for in ownership on the Ranch.
There are other fractional interests that have been divided on parcels. Some parcels have 50% interests, a few with one quarter interests and a few with one sixth interests. As a rule, you usually have to own at least a one-third interest to have some right to develop on a 100 acre parcel.

Access Interests

There are two interests that have been created to allow for access on to the Ranch for access purposes only. These are the 1/12th interests and the 1/6th interests. These types of interests are the least expensive ways to obtain ownership on the Ranch and have access to this incredible area and the beaches. The 1/12th partnership interest is the smallest fractional ownership allowed and gives access for one person only. The 1/6th allows for two family members to gain access through the gate, like a husband and wife, or a father and son.

Access rules for parcels on Hollister Ranch

A total of 12 people can have access onto the Ranch from a 100 acre parcel.

If you own:

A whole 100 acre parcel, 12 family members can have access.
A 50% interest in a parcel, 6 family members can have access.
A one-third interest in a parcel, 4 family members can have access.
A one-sixth interest in a parcel, 2 family members can have access.
A one-twelfth interest in a parcel, 1 family member can have access.

In 1988 the HROA created a CC&R amendment that allowed for all existing interests that were in place prior to that date to be grandfathered in and remain legal. After 1988, the limitation would be limited to three families per each 100 acre parcel. The total number of people allowed access from any one parcel remains at 12. If you have additional questions on ownership in the Ranch see section 6.02 of the HROA CC&R’s and contact me for further information.