Wildlife at the Ranch

Wildlife at the Ranch Cows on Road

The Gaviota coast, where Hollister Ranch is located, is a true ecological treasure. Noted by the wildlife scientific community as one of the 15 most biologically diverse and ecologically significant regions in the world, Gaviota is home to more than 195 distinct species of birds, 60 species of fish, and 1,400 plant and animal species.

Hollister Ranch is a designated nature preserve, and as a result of this, it is abundant with the ecological riches of the Gaviota Coast. Hollister Ranch has become a model for ecological preservation that is recognized locally and nationally. Some of the commonly sited wildlife are deer, bobcats, rabbits, coyote, badgers, squirrels, wild boar and on rare occasion a mountain lion or bear.

Since there is no hunting permitted on the Ranch, you have a better chance of seeing these local animals in their natural environment. This has become a place where native wildlife can live and co-exist with owners without being threatened.