The Beach Cabanas

On Hollister Ranch the beach areas from the railroad easement to the “mean high tide” is common area for all the owners to use. When you own Hollister Ranch real estate you own the beaches in common with all the owners on the ranch. The 8 ½ miles of beaches are served by three common area cabanas. If you by one of the Hollister Ranch homes for sale you can use these cabanas for beach parties, BBQ’s, special events such as birthday parties, weddings or family get-togethers.

The three beach cabanas each have hot showers, barbeques/fire pits, two bath rooms, sinks, and food prep areas. There are also patios and large lawn areas. You can get under a roof or be outdoors and enjoy the wonderful ocean views they each have. Owning Hollister Ranch real estate allows you to enjoy the classic southern California beaches as if it were years ago. Its private, with no crowds and with natural, undisturbed beaches.

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