Surf Breaks at The Hollister Ranch

Surf Breaks at the Hollister Ranch Summer Bulito

The Ranch is known for unspoiled beaches that have natural sandy coves, and above all else, quality surfing conditions. The beaches offer a variety of surfing from the advanced to the beginner. There are approximately fourteen surf breaks for all levels of surfers. There are advanced spots and perfect beginner waves for kids to learn on. The Kite surfing and sail boarding can be fantastic too. With over 8.5 miles of beaches this special coastal resource appeals to everyone who loves surfing and water sports. The owners on the Ranch are aware of how precious this limited resource is and respect and try to maintain its rare quality.

Surf Breaks at the Hollister Ranch Waves at Sunset

The access to these beaches is one of the main reasons people want to buy Hollister Ranch real estate. You can choose from four different road/beach ramps that, as an owner of Hollister Ranch property, you can drive onto the sand and find that perfect cove to spend the day. It is a unique and rare opportunity since there is no other beach in Southern California where you can legally drive on the beach next to the crashing surf.