Partnership Interests on The Hollister Ranch

Hollister Ranch Fall Road

The ownership of 100-acre parcels at The Hollister Ranch in partnerships started in the early 70’s with the original sales program. Several of the more remote parcels were sold to groups of 12 people in the first phase of sales. This allowed for an ownership in land investment and access to the most private and protected stretches of the Southern California coast.

With overcrowding of the California coast, the ability to have a private access to a pristine, unspoiled and beautiful section of the Santa Barbara coastline is now at a premium. The un-crowded, natural beaches of The Ranch are unique to California. The people who own at Hollister Ranch do so because they want to continue to enjoy the classic California beach lifestyle. Beach days with only family and friends. Perfect waves for surfing. Reefs for great fishing or diving and private, clean sandy coves and points to get away from the public.

The partnership interest is an ownership of an undivided interest in the parcel. Usually each partnership has an agreement signed by all the partners on how the property will be owned, used and developed. These agreements spell out how the building rights will be divided, the financial functions handled, and what the future plans are for that parcel.

All the partners pay their portions of the loans, association dues and partnership expenses. There is usually a managing partner who runs most of the functions of the group or an accounting firm who handles the collection of dues and makes the payments.

Depending on the location and topography of the parcel, there are excellent camping areas under the oaks near the creeks or in the valleys.

Owning an interest in a parcel at The Ranch enables one to enjoy the benefits of ownership on The Ranch at a fraction of the cost. It becomes that special place to escape to when you need to unwind from the hectic pace of today’s world. Like a club, many owners are there for the same reason, to maintain and enjoy the beauty of the area. They understand the uniqueness of this Ranch and feel lucky to be part of the select few who are experiencing The Hollister Ranch lifestyle.

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