Hollister Ranch Homes For Sale

The homes that have been built on the Ranch vary in style and size. There are guidelines for the size and type of homes you can build on the Ranch. These guidelines for construction have been set up by the owners association “design committee.” The Hollister Ranch homes for sale are usually available on either the entire 100 acre parcels on the 50% interests or many times on the 1/3 interest of the 100 acre parcels. When you own Hollister Ranch real estate, with an existing home on the parcel you can enjoy the wonderful unique experience of staying on the Ranch. The largest of homes is in the 6,000 square foot range with most of them being in the 2,500 to 4,000 square foot range. Most people looking for Hollister Ranch Homes for sale look to find a home with a view. Many of the homes have ocean views of the Santa Barbara Channel Islands and the beautiful views of the rolling hills and wonderful canyons that make up the Ranch.

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