Beach Driving – Hollister Ranch Real Estate

Beach Driving - The Hollister BeachOn the completely private Hollister Ranch, when you own Hollister Ranch real estate , you are entitled to drive your vehicle on the 8 ½ miles of private beaches.

It is a unique and rare opportunity since there is no other beach in Southern California where you can legally drive on the beach next to the crashing surf.

There are four road “ramps” that lead down onto the different beaches. (Many people who are looking for Hollister Ranch homes for sale have never driven on a beach before). These ramps are sloping, made of dirt and gravel and best handled with a four wheel drive vehicle. When you get on the said its also best to have a four wheel drive vehicle, stay on the hard packed sand and drive slowly but keeping your momentum up so that you don’t sink down in a soft section of sand and get stuck.

One of the best parts of owning Hollister Ranch real estate is the ability to drive to your own private beach, right along the breaking waves, but do it with all the things you need right in your car. I know, I’ve been stuck on the beach before.

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